Thorn Perry

Gluten Free


  • Short Description

    A single variety perry crafted  from the esteemed Thorn Pear harvested in mid September 2021. The wild yeast fermentation was rapid and the perry was bottled in early 2022. The fermentation continued in bottle to produce a medium dry sparkling perry which was released in summer 2023.  Good fruit aroma with a typical elderflower profile. Drink chilled

  • Features

    Pear Variety: thorn
    Percentage: 6.3%
    Size: 75cl
  • Taste

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    This item is a bottle. In order to get free shipping you must get a total of any 12 bottles or a multiple of 12. They don’t have to be the same.

Thorn Perry Description

A single-variety perry is made from the early-ripening Thorn pear. Its relative scarcity, mainly confined to the traditional orchards of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, enhances its allure, offering a rare taste experience. Additionally, its artisanal production through méthode ancestrale and natural fermentation with wild yeasts further distinguishes it as a premium product, ideal for those appreciating the craft and heritage of authentic perry making.


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