Hendre Huffcap Perry

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    A single variety perry made from the Hendre Huffcap perry pear using the méthode ancestrale approach and fermentation by wild yeasts. It was made from pears harvested in 2021 and bottled almost a year later in September 2022. The result is an unfiltered naturally sparkling medium dry perry reflecting the key low tannin and medium acidity characteristics of this variety. Drink chilled.

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Hendre Huffcap Perry Description

Presenting our Hendre Huffcap Perry, crafted from the illustrious Hendre Huffcap pear. The pear boasts a vibrant appearance, with shades of green, yellowish-green, and hints of yellow. This pear variety is characterized by its medium acidity and low tannin content, which together result in a perry that is effortlessly enjoyable.

The Hendre Huffcap pear consistently yields a bountiful harvest, with ripening occurring in the heart of October, capturing the essence of this splendid time of year. It is one of the best single variety perries.

This 2021 vintage followed the award-winning one from 2020 which won “best product” at the Hereford Cider Museum 2022 Cider & Perry Competition.


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