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    The 2020 Brown Snout and 2019 Dabinett apples are both remarkable cider apple varieties, each contributing distinct characteristics to the Annulet Cider blend. The Dabinett gives a balance of acidity to the Browns and the flavour builds on the palate with even tannins. A sumptuous brownish-red colour.

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Annulet Cider Description

The Brown Snout, believed to have originated in the West Midlands of England, is celebrated for its robust, tannin-rich nature. This particular apple variety lends a robust structure to the cider, offering a pronounced depth and complexity.

On the other hand, the Dabinett apples which originated from Somerset and take center stage in a lot of Butford Organics ciders, contribute their prized harmonious balance of tartness and sweetness. Along with a naturally high sugar content. These qualities actively shape and enrich our cider, infusing it with a robust, full-bodied character.

When these two varieties are blended, the result is a cider that exemplifies the best of both worlds. The Dabinett’s acidity provides a refreshing contrast to the Brown Snout’s robustness. The flavors blend smoothly, guided by Dabinett’s tannins, creating a rich and balanced cider experience. Best served chilled.


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