Our Story

How we've operate over the past 20 years


The Beginnings

Janet and Martin moved to Herefordshire in 1999 and set about realising a lifetime’s ambition to produce food in a natural, nutritious and environmentally friendly way. This evolved into Butford Organics, a family-owned organic smallholding specialising in cider, perry, and apple juice.

The backbone of Butford Organics is our family team, including our sons Guy and Toby. Guy applies his technical expertise to enhance the digital and operational aspects of our cider-making, while Toby lends his hands-on skills and enthusiasm to the actual crafting of our cider during his uni vacations. Together, they are integral to maintaining the high standards of our organic production.


Our Journey for Craft and Quality

The Butford Organics timeline from when we started to where we are today

  1. First Trees Planted

    Buford Organics was founded on the vision of offering locally sourced, organic produce to the community, and we remain true to our roots as a small, family-run farm dedicated to sustainable farming practices.

  2. Full Organic Accreditation

    A huge moment when we were verified as organic farmers. We proudly received our organic certification from the Soil Association, a testament to our dedication to genuine, eco-friendly farming methods.

  3. Perry Pear Orchard

    With the planting of our perry pear orchard, we gained the opportunity to expand our perry production significantly. With over 20 varieties of pears now at our disposal, we are able to craft a wide range of distinctive perry flavours.

  4. Cider Tours and Courses

    After initiating our cider tour and cider-making courses, we have welcomed hundreds of participants to our farm. We are particularly pleased to have helped a number of attendees to establish their own cider making operations.

  5. Cider Brandy

    To broaden our product range, we introduced an exclusive cider brandy. This has proved really popular and is now an integral part of our product portfolio.

  6. Looking to the future

    Arriving at the present day, we continue to operate to the highest of our abilities creating organic produce in a sustainable and authentic fashion.


Our Values

no hidden agendas or ingredients, here are some things you can expect from us