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    A blend using predominantly Browns Apple and Vilberie from our 2021 harvest with more modest amounts of Brown Snout, Dabinett and Kingston Black from 2019 and 2020. This dry draught cider has a very modest amount of organic sugar to balance the acidity in the fully fermented juice. For those with less of a sweet tooth.

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Dry Draught Cider Description

This bag-in-box cider, unfiltered and unpasteurized with no sulphites added, captures the apples’ authentic essence, offering a crisp and lively experience in every glass.

Our dry draught cider boasts a distinctive taste profile compared to its medium counterpart. It delivers a crisp, clean flavor, perfectly balanced with tannin and acidity, contrasting the medium’s smoother palate.

Available in 10-litre (17.5 pints) and 20-litre (35 pints) sizes, our bag-in-box cider ensures ample enjoyment over several weeks (or even days!), perfect for extended savoring.

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