Medium Draught Perry

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    A variety mix using predominantly Blakeney Red and Brandy pears. This medium draught perry adds more depth to the perry with a higher alcohol percentage and stronger flavour. This really captures the aroma of pears.

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Medium Draught Perry Description

Our Medium Draught Perry boasts an approximate ABV of 6.4%, imparting a touch more depth to your perry. This higher alcohol content, coupled with the absence of pasteurization, contributes to a more pronounced and vibrant flavor, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a more distinctive perry-drinking flavour.

Available in both 10-litre (17.5 pints) and 20-litre (35 pints) bag-in-box sizes, you’ll have plenty to enjoy.

Draught perry not your thing? Find the sweeter version of Blakeney Red Perry here.

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