Kingston Black Cider

Gluten Free


Kingston Black Cider Description

Introducing our Kingston Black cider, crafted from the heritage apple variety celebrated for its intricate and distinctive flavor profile. With origins rooted in Somerset, England, this apple showcases a remarkable fusion of sweet and tangy notes. Its elevated levels of acidity and tannins make it a great choice for crafting exceptional cider.

When transformed into cider, Kingston Black apples yield a balance of sweetness and a little bit of sourness. All the apples are grown organically which is better for both the apples and the environment.

It captures the way cider has been made for a long time. When you take a sip, you’re tasting a bit of Somerset’s history and nature. It’s a delicious drink that comes from the very best, natural ingredients. Being such a versatile cider, it can be enjoyed in so many different settings from with food to on its own. Best served chilled.