Perfect Harmony Cider

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    A blended cider made from Browns Apple and Dabinett varieties from our 2021 harvest.  The Dabinett has been keeved and retains much of its natural sweetness whereas the Browns is fully fermented. The blend has been crafted to utilise these key characteristics to produce a well balanced medium sweet gently sparkling cider. Compare this to the Infinite Possibilities which has the same base ciders in a different proportion.

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Perfect Harmony Cider Description

Our Perfect Harmony Cider and Infinite Possibilities ciders are blends of keeved Dabinett and Browns Apple. We had hoped to bottle the Dabinett as a single variety but the keeve was almost too successful and the fermentation stopped with significant residual sugar levels. We therefore decided to make 2 blends of the Dabinett with the fully fermented Browns apple from the same 2021 harvest which gave a great balance with its higher acidity.

Perfect Harmony has about 70% Dabinett with 30% Browns and Infinite Possibilities 30% Dabinett with 70% Browns with the former being the sweeter and the latter somewhat more acidity. The Dabinett has fermented modestly in the bottle giving the Perfect Harmony a gentle sparkle.

Blending these two special apple types makes a cider that really brings out their best qualities. The Browns’ tannins and the keeved Dabinett’s inherent sweetness work in tandem to produce contrasting but great drinking ciders.


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