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  • Janet and Martin moved to Herefordshire in 1999 and set about realising a lifetime’s ambition to produce food in a natural and environmentally friendly way. The result, Butford Organics.

  • We have three main orchards which provide all our apples. We planted two of the orchards ourselves and the other is a mature cider fruit orchard.

  • Traditional cider making is a centuries-old process that requires both skill and patience. From picking the apples to milling and pressing to bottling every stage is crucial.

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  • About Us

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  • Cider Making Process

A unique cider tour experience

Explore over a decade of cider-making tradition in Herefordshire.

  • See the Process

    Discuss our approach to cider making as we walk through the facilities and see our original equipment.

  • Walk the orchards

    Next, take a leisurely stroll through our  orchards. It’s a chance to witness the care that goes into each and every apple.

  • Taste the ciders

    Finally, the best part – the cider tasting! From traditional, refreshing varieties there's an option for everyone, with the opportunity to sample multiple ciders.

  • 2

    Hours of experience

  • 15

    Drinks Avaliable to pick from

  • £15

    Per Person

What others have to say about us

    Small but very great cider shop, perfect for lovers of natural ciders and perries ! Absolutely fantastic selection. Definitely a must visit if in area!

    Visited the orchards on a cold Tuesday morning and had a great tour and explanation of cider and perry making by Martin, the owner. Easy onsite parking with a small shop and barn in which we tasted some of the many bottles on sale. All the products are grown and bottled organically; this is a hands on, quality orientated local producer. We tried some lovely cider with Infinite Possibilities living up to its title, but the star of the day was the Hendre Huffcap sparkling perry. Simply superb! It should be on your list of places to visit!

    Visited in 2021 and enjoyed a tour with Martin round the orchards. Have bought the perry and cider several times since. Both are a great accompaniment to Sunday lunch! And the cider brandy is delicious.

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