How we do it

Cider and Perry

Herefordshire is the home of the cider apple and perry pear and here at Butford Farm we are continuing the tradition of quality cider and perry production – the barn area adjoining our shop boasts a 300-year old cider mill.

Our Philosophy

  • We are as non-interventionist as possible and to this end we only use wild yeasts and do not add sulphites or any flavour enhancers.
  • We believe nature knows best and so we bottle condition to produce sparkling products rather than carbonate.
  • We have complete content declaration on our labels including as far as possible the actual varieties of the apples and pears which are used.
  • All our ciders and perries are made from 100% freshly pressed juice and fermented with wild yeasts.

The Process

  • Carefully selected fruit – perry pears are gathered by hand – washed and inspected.
  • Milled fruit is pressed and stored in our fermenting barn – 2 foot thick walls – to ferment over the winter.
  • Tasting, blending and bottling takes place from late winter onwards.

The Result

  • Cider and perry made just from the freshly pressed juice.
  • Probably the only naturally produced organic bottle conditioned perry in the UK.
  • You know exactly what you are drinking.
  • A range of delicious products for every occasion.


What Could Be Better!